Sixth sense – A blessing or a curse.

This is a blog post about a perception of purpose of sixth sense. I am not sure if this is the reality. But it could be, with what’s happening around.

So as we could agree to the fact that every living being on this planet knows exactly it’s purpose and period of their life on this planet, the animals, plants, nature, micro and macro organisms. They  serve their purpose completely in many ways that we are yet to know,  they accomplish their purpose, perfectly and satisfying to themselves and they end their life silently. This leads to a thought that human beings are the last living being yet to realize the purpose of life in this planet.

So what could be our purpose?

The sixth sense is something we are proud of, that gives us the superior feeling over the other living being and the unwritten rule to make changes to the planet as per our personal choices. We decide things on our own, for our benefit. We are exploding in population. We do things will soon question a life on this planet or even the life of this planet. So what is our purpose?

Is it developing technology?  Is it our the striving to make our every day easy to live and hard to breathe, easy to move and hard to eat? Spending millions, trying to find the existence of far away planets, galaxies which a common sense would know that it’s never ending and unlikely to reach the never ending? We always fail to appreciate and preserve what we have and instead we try to search for something more beautiful. Starting from our family, work, life. Our carelessness and never ending search have led to a massive destruction of our life, humanity and the life of this planet.  I mean, what could be more beautiful than what we have on this planet?


What only is the purpose of human life, the sixth sense? Here it is..

Life on earth, as we know it, has been here for a really really long time, it has been beautiful, serene, inspiring, hopeful, peaceful and perfectly aligned. The millions or even billions of peaceful years have passed without us. Happily and peacefully.

Now,  The humans with the sixth sense and the final stage of evolution is not here for the prosperity of the planet as we call it. But an end to life on earth. We are not the beginning of life. We are the end. The sixth sense is not a tool of prosperity. It is the tool  to collapse everything to restarting from the beginning. Why do i say that it is the tool to collapse everything?

The Sixth sense gives us nothing but a fear of our extinction. That fear with superiority over other living being is making us do what we do  and continue to do, that is exploiting everything, the mother nature has given, right from food, air, beautiful ecosystem which we are unaware of.  Our search for something better than what we possess, to cope up with the fear of our extinction and to give ourselves a better life has lead to what we might face in the near future.  No other living being really needs the sixth sense, as they are aware of their purpose which completes their life and existence. A Human race with the sixth sense but unaware of their purpose, fighting their every day life in the wrong direction. Let me ask you now as you are reading this with all your six senses. Have you figured out your purpose of life and your existence? Or do you know what is the purpose of our human race?

None of us really know what could be the purpose of the sixth sense. I am writing this to just spill my thoughts or perspective. But with what’s happening around. It could be the truth. We might be the end.

While we are still here on this planet. Give some break to the sixth sense and use the other five to experience life in the traditional way of how a living being would experience life as it is. Which would help you find your purpose, relax from your daily tension and simultaneously, our satisfying and peaceful thoughts would save this ecosystem.



Food for thought, I eat a way too lot.

Every single person is an amazing story teller. And, I am just one of them. I am a believer that thoughts reflects our life. Believer and lover of all.   I spill my opinion on everything and just listen to what people have to say about it.



Self actualization –

“There are only two things that are real in your life, which you fail to believe it is

-Yourself and your ability to succeed.

Everything else you come across are so unreal at some point or the other, which you fail to believe it is”




Enrichment –

“Knowledge is combination of perspectives,

smartness is realization of perspectives,

intelligence is formatting the perspectives,

Creativity is the nucleus of perspectives.”



Desperation –

“A person who is in intense search for something ends up finding it or creating it”




Artist –

“The qualification of an artist of any kind is the ability to admire”



My take on admiration –

Admire the art over the artist. Only the art has the ability to give a soulful impact in our life.

Once, you start admiring the artist over the art, you gradually lose your ability to admire all the other aspects and varieties in it and become narrowed to just one style of the art, which is probably 0.0001% of the actual life, value and content of the art.

Once, you start admiring the art over artist, you eventually grow respect over every other artist, helping you to absorb more enrichment from it and helps you exhale the hatred.



Spirituality –

“Spirituality is when you stop listening to people and start listening to everything else”


Passion and path of life –

“You can call it your path in life, when you could see the possibilities, when others could only see the probabilities”




“The truth is you don’t own anything or anyone.

Everything that you have or had is something that you attracted for a reason reflected by your thoughts”


Atheism –

Why don’t you believe in god?

Because you haven’t seen God and it is unreal to believe that someone has powers beyond reality?

Well, believing in god is not really a bad idea and i shall tell you why!

– Believing in something that you have never seen before is the first step in believing that your unseen future has it’s positive & powerful existence and the belief that unseen existence has the power beyond reality will help you believe that you possess the power beyond reality to change the world with your ability that remains unseen or seems “unreal” as of now.



Detach and Free

“You can mentally undo things in life by connecting your thoughts at present to your thoughts back when you started doing it”


Live and look around

“Everyday is a PRESENT, that we fail to open”


Core to existence

“Praise and Shine”


Life –

“It is just an empty space between judgement and enlightenment and why do i see you trying so hard to hold on to the emptiness when you can let it free and drift towards the right?”


Purpose –

“Between the probabilities and the possibility, lies your purpose”




Relationship –

“Find the meaning and the purpose before you find love in a relationship”


Broken love –

“Even the crater face of the moon gets it’s magnificent view only when admired from miles away and such is a broken love, it only gets more beautiful with the distance that keeps you apart”



Perception –

“There are two kinds of people, one counts the ends and the other counts the beginnings”



“Out beyond the world of madness, there is an universe of peace. So is Life”


Man –

“Being true to a woman isn’t really about not having an affair it’s about protecting and respecting her”



Education –

“In classrooms you don’t really learn, you just get to know things. You learn only when you share it with others”



Dream –

Dream so bad, so deep that it makes you feel like you’re literally living the dream already”





Entrepreneurship –

“When your business is aimed at making profit, the family becomes your world,

when it is aimed at making a difference, the world becomes your family”


Perseverance –

“To make it up there, One day,

Work hard from Day One”